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This week four of my favorite comic book series ended. Each one impacted me emotionally and I wanted to share some thoughts on them.

Invincible Iron Man #527

The conclusion of Matt Fraction and Salvador Larrocas run. When I was starting to get into comics my mom told me I could get any comic I wanted from barnes and nobles. The one that stuck out to me was this huge giant omnibus of the run so far. Issues 1-18. And I came home and I spent the next 4 hours reading every last drop of that book. It felt new and exciting and the plot was brilliant. I jumped on to the series immeadiatly after around issue 25 and followed along ever since. I saw it go from the eisner winning highs to the fear itself lows and the whole time in one way or another I loved it. And as I read this last issue I found myself extremely nostalgic. It focuses on Tony Stark coming back to life answering one or two questions and putting a nice bow on it. And it ends perfectly, Tony going up stating that he wants to tell us about his dreams having moved on from his nightmares. It was a fantastic run a fantastic story, and my personal favorite Iron Man story.

Captain America #19

Jumping on this book with the Heroic Age I read it mostly for the fact that it was Captain America who was an Avenger. What I quickly found was I was enamored with it. I loved Bucky Cap. He wasnt Steve Roger he was his own brillaintly fleshed out charchter. And When Brubaker brought Steve back into the fray the stories were just as good as before bucky cap. I loved everything about this series with the exception of the last arc. It was the quintesential Cap Story issue after issue and year after year. This final issue had one last conversation between Steve and The 50’s Cap. And it but a nice bow on his run as well as a nice retake on Captain America himself. A fine issue. Brubaker had a knack for the charchter that no one else had and I will miss his take on Cap the all time greatest.

FF #23

I picked this book up solely on the fact that the Human Torch was dying. And when I read that issue, I wanted to read the whole thing. Painlessly hunting down back issues I finally had my complete collection and read them all the way through. And what I found was unmistkbly remarkable. Hickman made it about the family first and foremost and the ideas he brought to it were incredible and world changing just like Lee and Kirby. He brought a sense of wonder and amazement that fantastic four was always meant to be. And with this last issue, He puts everything his run was, science magic, family, wonder, amazement, awe and spector in too one nice done in one package. And it was beautiful. And it made me happy. Hickman wrote the perfect fantastic four story and one that will be hard to beat for year and years to come.

Journey Into Mystery #645

Sigh. I picked this book up solely for kid loki. I had no idea what to expect. And then I read the first issue. Instantly it became my favorite book. It was my pick of the week, month after month. I read each issue several times over and over. Kid loki became my favorite super hero and one asked I would speak up and tell them it was Kid Loki. I made my friendsĀ  read it and if they didnt I would come to their house and stand there til they did. It was the reason for this blogs creation and the reason why I am writing this. I read everything involving the charchter and I wanted to read more and more. And It made me laugh, it most certainley made me cry. It was perfect. The best comic marvel has produced that was like this. And this last issue, this perfect last issue, was a heartbreaker. I cried. I cried a full hour. It was beautifully painted. It need to happen though and Gillen was a Master craftsman. I will miss this book terribley and the adventures of Loki And Leah, Thori and Ikol, and all the various Asgardians.

Goodbye Loki. Goodbye Val and Franklin. Goodbye Tony. Goodbye Steve.

Goodbye Kieron. Goodbye Hickman. Goodbye Fraction. Goodbye Brubaker.

I will miss you all.

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